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    Why is Sell & Care good for your business and brand

    With Sell & Care you can give a helping hand to the world and be rewarded by increased customer loyalty, conversion, and engagement. Don’t wait for tomorrow, change the world today!

    The 3 core reasons to use Sell & Care:

    How does a Sell & Care campaign work?

    - Through Sell & Care, choose which organization you want your campaign to be with

    - Find a detailed list of social causes and organizations to select for your donation.

    - Choose a percentage (%) of your sales' incomes to donate to the organization you chose. In the app itself, there is a simple and clear explanation of the options.

    Pursue your social engagement

    By designing your campaign you donate hope the one of our COVID-19 fighting partners

    Support our mission

    We'll be happy for your honest opinion and suggestions.

    Don't hesitate to leave your questions and advice for a better impact for the most affected regions.

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